Khmer Freshie Girls | Cambodian Beautiful Girls

Don't be surprise, because this is an old news since 2006. Khmer Freshie boy and girl contest, as so known as Cambodian Beautiful Boy and Girl Contest. Contestants pose during the Cambodian beauty contest held in Phnom Penh on September 14, 2006

khmer freshie girls

khmer freshie girl

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Khmer said...

Sa art mern tern

Anonymous said...

These Khmer girls are beautiful, however, they are looking all about the same.... what is up with that? Are those Khmer guys and people in Cambodia like that look? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE OUR GIRLS LOOK BEAUTIFUL AND EXOTIC AS THE WORLD KNOW ABOUT US!!!! DON'T MAKE them looks like those custom girls worked in Disney World. PS: Please turn down the makeup. Your Khmer Fan

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